Who We Are and What We Do

We are a team of 13 people, aspiring to increase the well-being of our fellow Indonesians by, first, letting out secret of a lasting healthy lifestyle. We believe that healthy food should not punish, taste should not be sacrificed. In fact, probiotic-rich food that is essential for our gut and overall health can be tasty and our healing ancestor's staple of macro food and jamu can be cool.

Secondly, we try to minimize our carbon footprints in production and distribution by purchasing best local ingredients as direct as possible from growers and only using reusable containers and initiating bottle refund program. We partner with bike messenger KamiAntarJkt for zero-carbon deliveries, and also use a big chunk of our profits to plant mangrove trees in kepulauan Seribu, while putting aside a portion of our profits to charity.

In average, 70% of our deliveries are zero-carbon bike deliveries, and 30% of our containers are refunded and reused. Although still striving to achieve higher numbers, we are quite proud considering the mounting logistical and topological challenges we are facing in Jakarta. To date, 2,421 trees have been planted and we expect this number to grow every year.

Our target as a company is to showcase a carbon-neutral, human-centered, eco friendly, sustainable not-for-profit business that is inclusive, inviting participation from our patrons and spreading a lifestyle benefiting all of us and the earth. Yet, changing habits is not that simple, so we open a communication channel with patrons, inviting them to examine slow lifestyle, and be conscious consumers.

Our co-founders, Erina and Tita, both are passionate about advocating a more mindful lifestyle. Now please meet the rest of our hard-working team members, who help turning ideas into actions. Each one has own strength and role, all is treasured and beloved.