A True Diva

In this first edition of Inspiring People, we are featuring Diva, the co-owner of thriving health food store 'The Chilly Bin' with two outlets in Terogong and Permata Hijau area.

With unassuming beauty, Diva has a way of carrying herself. Her confidence pairs well with her physique, a result of her daily early morning bike routines and many trainings for triathlons and other events. Yet as busy as she is with her business and personal care, her family is her top priority. She makes sure to rear her two young, well-rounded girls (Senja, 11 and Binar, 8 years) and spend time with them for outdoor activities.

The following was our interview we did with Diva. A social-distanced one, yes, but never took away the intimacy in her answers.

Heal: Diva, how did you decide to open The Chilly Bin?

Diva: In 2016 after eight years being in a company which was the sole distributor of Harley-Davidson, I wanted to come out of my comfort zone. My friend Bertha and I started to sell salmon by taking pre-orders from customers. We worked from my home and when my other friend Fia joined the partnership and as the business grew, we decided to rent her place and move to Terogong, adding products as we go

For some time now we have had a kitchen and started offering varieties of healthy home-cooked meals to our customers who prefer to have ready-to-serve meals with ingredients they trust. I love cooking and so why not cook for others, too. Even before the pandemic, we provided options for families to eat restaurant-quality meals without having to go out to restaurants. Now that many choose to stay home, this option makes it easier for them.  Also, in our prepared meals, we do not use refined sugar and msg, and use only best ingredients and highest quality organic soy sauce or coconut aminos, so the customers trust the quality of the meals.

Heal: What is the secret of the success of The Chilly Bin?

Diva: I think it is good customer service. I make sure that the customers are happy. Networking is also important. I also take it easy. During this pandemic and my girls are doing school from home, I make sure to spend my morning at home and only after lunch or in the afternoon I would go to the office and stores.

Heal: Diva, tell us about yourself, how do you describe you?

Diva: I love life, love people, can easily socialize with people and can blend in well with (almost) any environment. I love myself and place my family on top priority, always have time and make time for family. 

I take good care of myself and I think feeling good about myself is very important as it helps me bring out the best of me for my surroundings. I am passionate about what I do.

Heal: What gets you going or what inspires you?

Diva: I get my inspiration from what is around me, especially from seeing how things work, how people behave, what people like, what people need, and so on.

In my line of business, it helps greatly to be close to my market, to be able to talk and exchange ideas with my customers, it helps me understand what they need and what they will like. I also get excited when I meet other people or other businesses who share the same interest, dreams, passion, and values. I believe that we can collaborate and create synergy to make a bigger impact.

Heal: What would you like to change or see a change in this life?

Diva: Wow... what a broad question. If I try to answer it, it will be super long.

But okay, maybe I will try to pick one area. I would love to see more and more people understand that humans are created by God to have our own body's ability to heal and that we need to understand how it works so we can live well.

It is interesting how our ancestors have already figured this out a long time ago, but then modern age changes everything and now people need to repeat the whole process of learning and understanding it again. I am myself still learning it in baby steps and trying to apply it in my daily life. But every little progress is still good progress, right? 


Are you inspired by this gal as we were? A take-away from this diva is: take it slow and easy, have a purpose and conviction in life, take time for yourself and prioritize what are important such as personal health and family, and then make customers happy. Diva works hard and plays even harder. And in fact, by being a busy and successful-business-woman mother she is setting great examples to her girls. In short, yes, you can balance work and home life. Take it from this True Diva, a thoughtful and full of aspirations kind of diva, a kind you want to have as your best friend, really.

Diva is wearing an Indonesian brand bike apparels from Castle Apparel that her husband helped design (he co-owns the company). These apparels can be obtained from

Interested in what Diva and The Chilly Bin can offer you? Order online from The Chilly Bin at


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