Bottle Refund Program

Our eco mission includes bottle refund program that was implemented since the inception of Heal Probiotics. We figured this is a win-win solution for you, us and for mother earth, so let's make it happen!

Please plan ahead a return of rinsed, good-conditioned set of bottles and tops to us or to some of our partners for a credit or cash refund. We give back:

  • Rp 2rb for 250 ml bottles and jars
  • Rp 3rb for 370 ml bottles
  • Rp 15rb for 1000 ml bottles

Bottle refund can be done thru: Tuku Tuku Natural stores, Saruga Pack Free Store, all Club Sehat Stores, The Chilly Bin, and WasteLess Jakarta.

WhatsApp us at +6281298613265 for direct return.

Thanks much from us and the mother earth.