About Us

We are a team of ten hard-working people. At Heal Probiotics we aspire to increase the well-being of our fellow Indonesians by letting out secret of a lasting healthy lifestyle. Healthy food doesn't have to punish, taste doesn't have to be sacrificed. Probiotic-rich food that is essential for our body and mind can indeed taste really good. We can go back to our ancestor's staple of macro food and heal ourselves with jamu in a much cooler way. Yet we realize that changing food culture is not easy. We approach this by opening communications and strengthening human connection to build trusts so a lifestyle changes happen inherently.

As for trying to be a responsible player in this earth, we try to minimize our carbon footprints in production and distribution by purchasing best local ingredients as direct as possible from growers and only using reusable containers and activating bottle refund program. We also put aside a portion of our profits to charity that is in line with our mission.

co founders Erina (left) and Tita (right)

Erina has lived for more than 29 years in Ithaca, NY, and obtained a doctorate degree from Cornell University. Since 2015 she divides her time between Jakarta and Ithaca, aspiring to make a change, however small it is, in her motherland. Her two grown children reside in the US, and her husband, a professor, still teaches and alternates semesters each year between Cornell University and University of Indonesia.

Her passion to spread healthy lifestyle was inspired by her daughter Mariko, who suffers from a pernicious autoimmune disease, but contains and manages her symptoms by following certain diet and live probiotic regiment. Erina firmly believes that fermented food holds the key in physical and mental health by way of good gut microbiome, and that fermentation process help create 'superfood.'

{Erina still brews her own probiotic drinks, makes her fermented vegetable pickles, tempeh, yogurt, viili, bakes sourdough breads and lovingly hand-brews Heal kombucha as if she prepares it for her own family}

Tita first met Erina in Ithaca, NY, during her 6-year-stay for her husband’s graduate program at Cornell University. The two women quickly formed a tight bond over healthy lifestyles, approach to child-rearing, and life in general.

Mother of two beautiful kids and an Aesop’s believer that kindness is never wasted, Tita found a way to give back to community by founding ‘Here We Write,’ a reading and writing club for school-age children back in Jakarta.

Having benefited firsthand from kombucha consumption for herself and family, Tita jumped on the opportunity to help spread the benefits of this health elixir. She truly is the problem solver, marketing director, customer service, accountant and forever Heal Probiotics cheerleader.

Now please meet the rest of our hard-working team members. Each has own strength and role, all is treasured and beloved.


Fun facts:

We carefully designed our labels to envelope our entire mission, in a way that our prayers and well-wishes are deeply engrained in every single bottle we produce.

Start with the brand ‘heal!’ that is a solemn prayer for healing from ailments, heartbreaks, failures, and desperation. Then onto our wishes for your enlightenment (‘kawung,’ the flower of life) and sustainable earth (‘gunungan’). See below