From a Small Town in Upstate New York

Hello world. Welcome to our first blog. Finally! So I almost want to pat my self in the back.

I am writing this from Ithaca, a small town in Upstate New York, huddling under a Japanese heated table called 'kotatsu' where you actually sit on the floor warming up your feet. The weather is super chilly outside (-14C), and every cracks in the windows of our wooden cottage sends cold air right into my bones.

They said today there will be a 'cyclone bomb' in Northeast US. Its temperature is already waaay below freezing point, and big cities such as New York, Boston, and Washington DC would experience record lows, even colder than in Mars. Yikes. Even Florida got its share of first snow after 28 years.

Not surprisingly, people started to talk whether global warming is real. Lots of us, sadly, are still in denial, and I suspect either because of lack of interests in the subject or unwillingness to change lifestyles. I know, I know, it is annoying to hear someone preach about the importance of being a conscientious player on this earth, or horrible to see starving pictures of polar bears in the middle of melting, floating ice. But guys, this stuff is real. Australia now is experiencing one of the hottest summer, ever, since 1939. Temperature reaches up to 47.5 C and animals are dying, bats are falling off trees and perish. Google it.

Remember last summer in North America? It was hotter than previous year and years before that. Earth average temperature has been steadily rising over the last century and sea level rising to a level that can drown Kiribati or Jakarta soon. Yes, Jakarta. It is sinking faster than any big cities in the world (read here). We can't be complacent and probably should start doing something collectively, however small our individual contributions might seem. Carpooling, stop smoking, taking public transportation (yes I see you roll those eyes), using less AC, bring reusable water bottle and shopping bags, are among the easy-thing-to-do to help our earth.

I don't wanna preach, really, so please don't hate me. But I implore you to try a small step. It feels good, I promise you.

So shall we start?

Warm hugs from a very cold Ithaca.


Taughannock falls, taller than Niagara falls by 50 feet, freezes over